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The new Combo-e Life is designed to give the very best of everything. Space and comfort for up to seven. Practical and innovative safety features. And now to top it off, smart, emission-free e-technology and 100% electric operation, that can take you and all the family up to 280km1 on a single charge. So you can make the most of family life, without compromise. 

280 km
Max battery range, dependent on load & options1
30 mins
To charge up to 80%2
Optional. Available for both vehicle lengths

Designed for you
Space that's versatile and beautifully organised. What more could you ask for?

See it inside

Battery range. How far can you go?

Electrifying drive
Learn more about Combo-e Life's driving dynamics including instant torque, driving modes, regenerative braking and more.
Range, charging & more
Making the switch to electric? Great decision - you won't regret it. No doubt you're keen understand what's involved.
Modular, yet modish
Cleverly designed to offer all the practicality and roominess you need without sacrificing any of the style.
Safety & innovation
Tech that protects
Combo-e Life is packed with smart features designed to make driving easier and to keep you and those around you safe.
Really smart
Get the best connections. Alongside infotainment and navigation, there's OpelConnect. So much discover!
Accessories Opel+
Wall boxes & more
Your Combo-e Life comes with a charging cable as standard. We've selected our pick of the best additional electric car accessories.

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Wall boxes

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Charging & Range

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Financing & Subsidies

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1 Energy consumption Combo-e Life/Cargo (combined) 19,4–17,5  kWh/100 km; CO2 emission 0 g/km; range (combined) 258 km to 285 km (depending on equipped options).

2 When using a fast charger.