Power up

Mokka-e’s heart is a powerful 50kWh lithium-ion battery. 216 high energy-density cells with advanced heat management means long lifespan and long range, boosted by Enhanced Regenerative Braking.

While driving, as soon as you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal, the Regenerative Braking system recaptures kinetic energy whilst braking and converts that power into even more range. In its highest setting (B-Mode), most of your daily commute can be driven without use of your traditional brakes, reducing wear and associated maintenance costs.

Electrifying performance
A 100% electric powertrain features 260Nm of instantaneous torque. The lightweight, 136hp permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors are perfectly balanced and tuned to handle tight city streets and wide-open roads with effortless confidence and agility.  
Strong silent type
Mokka-e is built to help you take on the modern hectic world. Its clean, roomy and acoustically isolated cabin is where you’ll recharge your own energy on every journey, giving yourself time and space to you hear yourself think or truly feel your music.  
Drive your way
Mokka-e adapts to your driving style by offering you Sport, Eco and Normal driving modes, each adjusting vehicle-wide systems such as pedal mapping, power steering assistance, and cooling. Sport increases driving dynamics, Eco increases efficiency, and Normal balances both.  
Vehicle data monitoring
Mokka-e’s advanced sensors and vehicle data monitoring systems give you an intuitive, at-a-glance overview of driving conditions and energy consumption to keep you informed and in complete command of the road.