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Astra Sports Tourer

Desde € 28.004,99
Make way for the new generation Opel Astra Sports Tourer. Choose petrol, diesel or 100% electric. Online or instore.

C02 g/km1  
4,3-5,7 l/100 km
Fuel consumption min-max1
9,7 sec
0 - 100 km/h2

Look to the future

The function of design is letting design function. Meet the essence of German design

See it in your favourite colour

See it inside

The future is electric

Discover Astra Sports Tourer Plug-in Hybrid. Performance without compromise. Are you ready for a change?

Safety & innovations

Tech that protects
The Astra Sports Tourer is packed with smart features designed to make driving easier and to keep you and those around you safe.


Really smart
Get the best connections. Alongside infotainment and navigation, there's OpelConnect. So much discover!

Premium comfort

Your comfort: our priority
School run, the daily commute, cold or hot outside... Whatever you're doing, the Astra Sports Tourer keeps you comfortable.

Driving dynamics

As good as it looks
This new generation Opel Astra Sports Tourer has been carefully designed for better handling, comfort and driving pleasure.

Accessories Opel+ & more

Make it yours
Cycling, skiing, sailing, surfing - whatever you're into, we have the accessories to make it happen - and to protect your car, too.

Which model is right for you?



Destaca-te da multidão

Entre outras características e acrescentando-se às do Business:

  • Jantes de liga leve 17" bi-cor Preto brilhante/ Efeito corte em Diamante - 225/45 R17 A
  • Pure Panel Pro® com ecrãs de 10" + 10"
  • Banco do condutor com certificação AGR
  • Entrada Passiva (PEPS)
  • Câmara de visão traseira de 180°


GS Line

Deixa o aborrecimento para trás

Entre outras características e acrescentando-se às do Elegance:

  • Pacote Exterior em Preto
  • Tejadilho bicolor
  • Bancos dianteiros desportivos (tecido / polipele)
  • Banco dianteiro e volante aquecidos
  • Intelli-Vision

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