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Corsa Electric

Making the switch to electric has never been easier. It's time to discover the Corsa-e. Available online or instore

362 km
Up to a range of1
30 mins
To charge to 80%2
8,1 sec
0 - 100 km/h

Design statement

A design all-rounder with all-round appeal, inside and out

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Battery range. How far can you go?

Electrifying drive
Learn more about Corsa-e's driving dynamics including instant torque, driving modes, regenerative braking and more.
Range, charging & more
Making the switch to electric? Great decision - you won't regret it. No doubt you're keen understand what's involved.
Safety & innovations
Tech that protects
Corsa-e is packed with smart features designed to make driving easier and to keep you and those around you safe.
Premium comfort
Your comfort. Our priority
School run, tired kids, the daily commute, stuck in traffic, busy life... Corsa-e makes sure you're all comfortable at all times.
Really smart
Get the best connections. Alongside infotainment and navigation, there's OpelConnect. So much discover!
Accessories Opel+ & more
Wall boxes & more
Your Corsa-e comes with a charging cable as standard. We've selected our pick of the best additional electric car accessories.
Free2move eSolutions
A charging solution tailored to your needs
Free2Move eSolutions offers you a professional installation service from the first contact to the delivery and installation of your wallbox.

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Corsa Electric

Nível de entrada de alta qualidade. Simplesmente Elétrico.


  • Bateria de 50kWh e carregador de bordo (OBC) 7,4 KW; monofásico
  • Chassis desportivo
  • Ecrã de informação ao condutor 7", digital a cores
  • Rádio Multimédia, ecrã tátil 7", Bluetooth®, USB e projeção do smartphone
  • OpelConnect incluindo: chamada de emergência e funções remotas para veículos elétricos
  • Arranque sem chave e travão de estacionamento elétrico
  • Ar condicionado automático monozona ECC
  • Pack Segurança com deteção avançada de pedestres (Peões e ciclistas)
  • Pack Visibilidade, com espelho retrovisor interior eletrocromático, sensor de chuva e controlo automático de faróis

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