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Rugged, ultra-practical and super-versatile, the Combo Cargo transports both people and cargo with ease. It's your perfect business partner

3.4 m
Max load length1
4.4 m3
Max load volume2
934 kg
Max payload3

Innovative solutions

Combo Cargo is all about clever design which means it's compact, yet spacious and packed with features you and your teams will  love

See it inside

The future is electric

Discover Combo-e. Performance without compromise. Are you ready for a change?

A van that works for you
Combo Cargo is available in an array of body lengths and styles with features that allow you to really deliver for your customers.
Carry it all
Payload and dimensions are important, but aids like dual electric sliding doors and hands-free access make the difference.
Know where you're going
Maximise efficiency and keep your teams safe and on track with the navigation system options and OpelConnect Services. 
Safety & innovations
Safety first
People, van, cargo. Keep them all protected with advanced features that help to prevent accidents and make driving easier.
Actions, not words
Get the most out of every drop thanks to the Combo Cargo's highly-efficient-yet-powerful engines. It's what your business needs.
Accessories Opel+ & More
Make it yours
We have a huge range of accessories - from wheel trims to additional protection - for you to choose from.

1 Combo Cargo XL (3 m for the standard version).

2 Combo Cargo XL with passenger bench & cargo partition hatch. Standard cargo space is 3.8 m3.

3 Combo Cargo-e is fitted with an Overload indicator.