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Experience the green hell – the opc nordschleife training

Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz, Fuchsröhre, Karussell, Wippermann, Brünnchen, Pflanzgarten, Schwalbenschwanz, Galgenkopf – these are legendary names that send a tingle of excitement down the spine of motorsport fans all over the world. They are all part of the fabled Nürburgring Nordschleife, famously christened “Green Hell” by the great Sir Jackie Stewart, and still the supreme road circuit in the world, second to none. A single lap is over 20 kilometers long, with no less than 73 challenging bends along its sinuous length. Add steep inclines and descents with gradients up to 18 degrees as well as constantly changing road surfaces, and the Nordschleife poses a unique challenge that can only be mastered by those who respect it – and come well prepared. The best way of doing that is by taking an OPC Nordschleife Training course under the experienced guidance of Nordschleife experts.


The vehicles at your disposal are high-performance OPC versions of the Opel Insignia (four-door and Sports Tourer), Corsa and GTC.
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Training course modules

 The objective of the Nordschleife Driving Training is to get to know the most demanding racetrack in the world, and learn to master it step by step.


Experienced Nordschleife instructors lead small groups – a maximum of three cars with single occupants – linked by radio. Out on the track, instructors show participants the ideal line, the fastest and safest way to cover the racetrack.


In the process, the instructor teaches the correct techniques to use, including braking, steering into and stable acceleration out of the Nordschleife’s many bends as well as proper steering wheel handling. Driving speeds are increased gradually during the day. And after every session, the instructor answers all participants’ questions and gives each driver individual feedback.

Training schedule

Uhrzeit Aktivitäten
07:00  Meeting point: old paddock at entrance to Nürburgring
07:15  Guests take shuttle to Opel VIP Lounge. Registration, breakfast, presentation
08:00 – 12:45  Guided tour in groups. Each instructor leads a group and explains the track. Speed is gradually increased.
12:45 – 13:45  Lunch break
13:45 – 15:30  Guided tour in groups. Each instructor leads a group and explains the track. Speed is gradually increased.
15:30 – 16:30  Participants have opportunity to ride with instructors.
16:30 – 17:00  Closing, presentation of certificates, coffee & cake


Together with our team of experienced instructors, we bring you to tremendous enthusiasm of the sporty and safe handling dynamics of OPC vehicles. Above all, OPC stands for Pure Passion.

Sascha Bert

Sascha Bert is responsible for conducting the OPC Performance Trainings.


In addition to his duties as a driving instructor, Sacha has also been a very successful circuit racer since 1988. He’s racked up many podium finishes, including third place in the overall ratings at the the Nürburgring 24-hour race, as well as various victories in FIA GT racing.

Dates and prices

The price of 1500 euros includes theoretical and practical training sessions, as well as meals (breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake, soft drinks).


Each instructor runs a class of just three participants, so there’s plenty of time for individual instruction and attention. Participants always drive behind the instructor’s lead car. He is connected to participants via radio and adjusts his speed according to the driving abilities of the group. At the end of the day’s driving, successful participants receive a certificate.



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