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Centro de Testes

The centre of innovation and testing.                    

Opel builds cars with a unique claim:
Best performance - best agility - with the highest degree of safety. That’s why we not only guarantee our engineers and test drivers ideal conditions for testing technologies, test vehicles and prototypes. We also put the Opel Test Center itself to the test again and again.               


Buchen Sie jetzt Ihr Fahrtraining im Opel Test Center

+49 6142 911 9800

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00

Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00

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Our test tracks – putting expectations on track

Everyone has their own driving style or even expectations for a car. It is our goal to exceed every expectation. We want to inspire and enthuse.
Many of our certified innovations set global standards. On our over 80 km test track at the Opel Test Center we put our goals and your expectations to the test: More fun. More safety.          

Skid pad
Dynamics test area with a diameter of 300 m. An integral part of an open 2 km long straight shot. Perfect to learn how to handle curves at hazardous conditions.                     

High-speed circular track                   
4.8 km long circular track with up to 40 degree cross slope and three brake stops – for full stops at high speeds.                    

Mountain track
Slopes from 8% to 30% . Various road surfaces. An endurance test for steering, transmission and brakes. Following our test principle: “cause and effect”.                    

Performance area                
Oval course with two U-turns and two long straight shots. Any questions on dynamics will be answered by car and driver.                    

Torture track
900 meters of extreme potholes, bumps, washboards, various cobblestones, concrete waves. A ruthless endurance test for material and workmanship.
Handling track
Almost a miniature Nordschleife: 16 curves and swales. Uphill – downhill: on minimum space. Steep demands for material, workmanship, technologies … and driving ability. 
Endurance test
Ruthless check of our various surfaces: asphalt, cobblestones, bumps and curves. Plus many special programmes: mud baths, dust track, salt water bath, ... every weak point will be tested. 
Comfort and noise measuring track
More than ten different road surfaces for the evaluation of spring and damping comfort as well as interior noise control. 

The way to dudenhofen

Opel Test Center Rodgau
Am Opel Prüffeld 2

63110 Rodgau-Dudenhofen


From Frankfurt am Main:

  • From the Frankfurter Kreuz junction, take the A3 in direction Würzburg
  • At the Hanau junction, take the B45 towards Dieburg, Babenhausen, Rodgau
  • Follow the road until the Rodgau-Nieder-Roden, Babenhausen junction
  • Take the L3116 in direction Babenhausen
  • After approx. 1.8 km turn left into the Dudenhofen Test Center


If using a navigation system, please enter “Opel Testzentrum” or “Opel Prüffeld”. Entering the postal address can sometimes lead to wrong directions.