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More fun. more safety!

No technology can replace human driving behavior. Usually the driver reacts instinctively to driving conditions.

Train under the guidance of real Opel test drivers: How does my vehicle react at a full stop? What interactions occur when swerving? What happens during aquaplaning? And what actually do assistance and safety systems do?

The DVR certification allows a subsidy in the amount of 60,- to 80,- € by your professional association (the formalities need to taken care of in advance by the participant).
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Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00

Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00

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Driving training course units

The foundation for superior driving: perfect coordination of alertness and steering technics. Just adjust the seating position and then you have everything you need for active and passive safety. 
Braking at different speeds
Hardly anyone knows, how a real emergency stop actually works. Here you will experience the connections between speed and braking distance. 
Target braking
Feel real retarding potential. Training and knowledge can help target braking in real hazardous situations. 
The combination of an emergency stop and dodging.
Now you will see what ABS, ESP and our other safety and assistance systems can do. 
Sudden swerving at high speeds. Here you will experience, how your corrected steering technic and our electronic stability programme (ESP Plus®) will help stabilize in extreme situations. 
Opel test center Tour
See the life of a test vehicle in action:
Bumps, surface structures, maximum slopes. Endurance tests for material, workmanship and technologies. Here every test vehicle is put in extremes situations, simulating the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. 
High-speed circular track
Our 4.8 kilometer circular track with a super elevation of up to 40° allows a lateral force beyond 200 km/h. Open season for adrenaline. 
More driving pleasure thanks to safety
Our Opel driving training was awarded for outstanding safety by the German road safety council – a recognized quality label for controlled training with new practical and safety-relevant features. 


Real test drivers

Opel driving and eco-trainings are led by our test drivers.

Every one of them is certified by the DVR and knows how to take driving to the limits, thanks to endless tests with our prototypes. They can also recognize typical, incorrect driver reactions in hazardous situations.

In our unique, exclusive trainings our test drivers show how to confidently face dangerous situations or even how to avoid them.

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Der ablauf des trainings

8.30–9.00 Arrival, registration, breakfast together
9.00–9.30 Meet and greet instructor team
9.30–12.45 First part of training program
12.45–13.45 Lunch together
13.45–16.00 Second part of training program
16.00–17.00 Tour of the Test Center


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Sportliches Schuhwerk mit flachen Absätzen und dem Wetter angepasste Kleidung
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